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Monika Bingen-Hara is the founder and sole proprietor of the BIO BELLA organic product line. She is a true nature lover and has studied plants all her life, she is a third generation naturalist in her family.

Her profound understanding of the spiritual connection with the plant kingdom makes BIO BELLA a unique product. As an alchemist, product creator and aroma, flower, reiki, massage therapist, and Feng Shu conosouir, her mission is to reconnect us with ancestral wisdom through superior products that vibrate on all levels, for everyone's spiritual , mental and physical benefit, in harmony with our planet earth.

BIO BELLA products respect the planet and its inhabitants, our products are not tested on animals, they contain no petroleum based ingredients and are packaged in all recyclable materials.

Our social and enviromental responsibility proyects are:

We support a rural women group who cultivates and processes vegetable sponges. View the video "The Vegetbale Sponge Project" for more information.

BIO BELLA is also affiliated with the "Amigable con el cambio climatico", (Climate Change Friendly) program with the Centro Cientifico Tropical. We support carbon sequestration through reforestation projects.

Did you know that in Costa Rica the main source of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere is the thousands of small cars that circulate through our country everyday?

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Telephones: 2232 2402 / 8812 3808



BIO BELLA organics ha desarrollado una línea spa de aromaterapia orgánica justamente para usted, una persona espiritual con consciencia ambiental

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