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Handmade organic aromatherapy products made in Costa Rica

BELLA BIO ORGANICS has developed an organic aromatherapy spa line  just for you, a spiritual person with environmental awareness.

Our products are made by women in Costa Rica, with love. Produced in small quantities to ensure maximum freshness and vibrant and natural potential.

Aromatherapy products are made with
100% certified organic essential oils and the ingredients of the finest quality.

BELLA BIO ORGANICS combines ancient wisdom of European tradition with the healing power of plants, fused with the high spiritual energy of Latin American soil.

The high vibration of our products cultivate balance, health and beauty from the inside out, in balance with nature.

Inspiring reconnection of your deep spiritual side, living every moment with intensity according to your wisdom and inner guidance.

Because we are part of the whole, by loving ourselves we are building a better world. Our reason for creating this line that supplies so beauty, harmony and balance to your life and our beloved planet earth.

We believe in the power of positive intention and the law of creation ...


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BIO BELLA organics ha desarrollado una línea spa de aromaterapia orgánica justamente para usted, una persona espiritual con consciencia ambiental

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Organic Biobella has a large variety of certified organic essential oils and other ingredients of the finest quality for the development of our fine products:

- Peppermint
- Lemon
- Sweet Orange
- Eucalyptus
- Vetiver
- Tea Tree