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"Finding a moisturizer for my face that was compatible with my skin type was my primary concern after moving to Costa Rica a year ago. I have always had very sensitive skin and using new products frequently caused skin irritation. A friend of mine suggested I use "Love my Face" skin cream. This product is amazing - not only did I not have an adverse reaction byt my skin responded beautifully. Since that time, i have expanded my use of these products (Coconut Scrub Dream Catcher) and I love them all". Monica Waldron
Date of Posting: 03 July 2012
Posted By: Monica Waldron
"Secreto de mama" - I put this on everything, from small burns to mosquito bites to wrinkles and crows feet. I find scrapes heal much faster with it and skin is well moisturized.
"Cahuita Beach" - This facial exfoliant leaves your skin velvety smooth. The grains of beach sand gently buff the skin and remove layers of dead flakes without the harshness of many other exfoliants.The skin is left feeling like peach fuzz.
"Afterglow" - An excellent all-over body scrub. Big salt crystals polish the feet and smooth down rough calluses. Wonderful smell.
"Vetiver oil" - earthy, mossy African violet oil mixed with olive oil to create a body oil that is heavenly. My favorite product of all, I use it as a perfume and moisturizer daily.
Date of Posting: 24 February 2012
Posted By: Caroline Holdt
"Bio Bella Products are created with respect towards life, knowledge and a sensitive sense for beauty.
With each Bio Bella Product you can feel the symbiosis of love and nature. Give your body what it is asking for!"
Date of Posting: 24 February 2012
Posted By: Annemarie Kinsman
Para mi el producto bio-desodorante es asombroso, no quimicos en la piel, sudoracion normal y sin olor que mas se le puede pedir a la vida.Recomiendo este producto a todas las personas que no quieran volver a oler mal.
Date of Posting: 24 May 2011
Posted By: Jefferson Gonzalez
Estimada Monika, ha sido Usted muy amable al atender mi correo con prontitud, lo cual me reafirma que su empresa es el resultado de una filosofía de vida, en la cual el ser humano es el centro. Pues ya un poco más en confianza, debo confesarle sin exageraciones, que he probado casi todo lo que le compré a través de mi colega Alexandra y estoy encantado. Soy muy sensorial, tal vez mi dieta, mi estilo contemplativo de la vida, me ha hecho consciente de que cada detalle debe ser percibido, así, en una sinergia, una crema, un exfoliante, puedo catar cada cosa, paso a paso, como un buen vino, o las notas de una gran sinfonía. Para mi la vida es eso. Sus productos me han devuelto un poco el volver a SENTIR, todas esas cosas, olores de mi infancia, el mar tan lejano de mi tierra, los sonidos del bosque, el zumbido de las abejas en un campo repleto de flores, el dulce de la lejana vainilla de los postres de mi abuela que en paz descansa.
Date of Posting: 12 April 2011
Posted By: Dr. Jose Manuel Rodriguez
Date of Posting: 16 March 2011
Posted By: Ada Vega
too allergic, San Pedro, Montesde Oca
Estuve participando de una actividad hace algunos días y me regalaron una bolsita con varios productos de ustedes como el balsamo labial, una crema para los pies (love my feet) ademas de un exfoliante y el dream catcher, realmente en una semana he visto los cambios. Los felicito por excelentes productos..y quisera saber en dónde puedo comprarlos?
Date of Posting: 23 January 2011
Posted By: Doris Rodríguez
Para mi no hay nada tan delicioso como las sales exoliantes, mi piel ha cambiado muchisimo su aspecto y se siente mas suave, ademas tenia un serio problema de acné en mi espalda y gracias a los exfoliantes ha desaparecido por completo, me siento muy contenta de utilizar estos productos no solo para mi uso personal si no tambien para mis clientes de masaje.
Date of Posting: 05 December 2010
Posted By: Nathalie Castro
“Ooooh! The Lavender massage cream is Fantastic! My skin is now refreshed, soothed and silky soft to the touch and that is just my hands after using it on clients, They love it!!!!! It is absorbed by the skin, you don't need to apply too much because it is so rich it lasts longer, it doesn't leave your clothes stained and the smell lifts you up. I love your products, fair prices and respect to our environment!
Date of Posting: 05 December 2010
Posted By: Carolina Oviedo Russel
Upon using several of BioBella organic skin care products my first response was the aroma from each of them. Heavenly!

As I applied the products to my skin they felt clean and fresh without any residual stickiness.

The "Love My Lips"lip balm healed my chapped lips instantaneously and the lavender "Dream Catcher" spray, applied to my wrists and face, produced a calm and peaceful sleep. It really works well!

My favorite products thus far: "Love My Feet" a rich but non-sticky/non-oily moisturizing cream. At the end of the day, this cream revitalizes and soothes my tired burning feet. It's a remarkably effective product.

The other BioBella favorite is "Cahuita Beach" a rich exfoliate cream that brightens and refreshes my skin without drying.

Thank you! BioBella for putting so much love and care into your organic skincare products.

Rebecca Wheeler Costa Rica

My Anti Aging Beauty...a Blog About Health & Beauty
Date of Posting: 10 July 2010
Posted By: Rebecca Wheeler

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